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What is an EPC?

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A Domestic Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) shows the energy efficiency of an individual dwelling giving it a rating from A (very energy efficient) to G (not energy efficient). EPCs were introduced under EU law gradually from 2007 and have been evolving ever since. 

The certificate is based on an assessment (normally 15-30 minutes) looking at everything in the home that uses energy, such as your boiler and lights, and then anything in place to reduce the amount of energy you use like wall insulation and heating controls. 

Based on the information collected during the assessment, the EPC will highlight what features the property currently has and then what could be done to improve the energy efficiency. As a consequence, money will hopefully be saved as well as less carbon emissions released into the atmosphere. 

Your house may seem like a drop in the ocean, but nonetheless we’re all part of the plan to reduce emissions. 

Your certificate will last for 10 years and if you’re selling there is no minimum rating. However, if you are letting your property the minimum requirement is an E rating under (MEES), further information can be found on the ‘Landlords’ page. 

EPCs can also be required when you’re remortgaging, applying for renewable energy schemes or maybe you’re just curious to see how efficient your property is and want to reduce your carbon footprint. 

For further information related to you specifically, please see the above tabs. 

Whichever circumstance you’re in, we welcome you to contact us today for free advice and no-obligatory quotes.

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