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  • What is an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)?
    The certificate will give the property a rating between A and G, as well as detailing what features the property currently has and then what can be done to improve the efficiency.
  • How long does an EPC last?
    10 years.
  • Do I need an EPC?
    If you are selling or letting your property then you will need a valid EPC, you may also be asked to provide one when remortgaging or looking into a renewable energy scheme.
  • Are any properties exempt from requiring an EPC?
    Yes, if they’re a listed building or due to be demolished, you can apply for exemption.
  • How can I check if I already have an EPC?
    You can check the EPC register on or you can get in touch with ourselves and we can check for you.
  • Will you need access to my property?
    All EPCs completed will require access to the property, normally assessments take between 15 and 30 minutes.
  • What does the assessment involve?
    We will need to have a walk around your property, taking a few measurements and photographs of features like your heating / hot water system, controls, insulation, lights and windows.
  • Is there a minimum rating required?
    For selling there is no minimum, however all rental properties need to achieve an E rating under MEES. You can find further information about this on our landlords page.
  • Are you qualified and insured?
    Yes, we are fully qualified and insured.
  • Are you CRB checked?
    Yes, we was last CRB checked in October 2021.
  • When can you complete my EPC?
    We can normally complete your EPC within a few days of you contacting us, same day appointments are often available, as well as booking for a few months in the future.
  • How can I pay?
    You can pay with cash or a cheque on the day of the appointment (a digital receipt will be e-mailed to you) or we can invoice you for a bank transfer to be made.
  • When will I receive my EPC?
    All EPCs are available the same day your appointment goes ahead. If you pay at the appointment, this will be lodged and e-mailed over to you. However, if you pay by bank transfer we will lodge and email you as soon as the funds reach our account.
  • Will you book with my tenant, or collect keys from my Estate Agent?"
    Of course, we are use to liaising with tenants for access, collecting keys from our agent is also fine, we can contact them to confirm a suitable day. There is no extra cost for this.
  • Will you email a copy to my solicitor agents?
    Yes, if you would like to provide us with their contact details, we can email them a copy of your EPC as soon as it’s ready.
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