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domestic epc

In today’s world there has never been more responsibility on being a landlord, part of this is having a valid Energy Performance Certificate. This should be made available when you begin marketing your property and should be presented to your tenant before they move in. EPCs currently last for 10 years. 


For rental properties, the minimum rating for a property to be legally let is an E. (MEES). This means that should your rating be F or G, you will need to make some improvements to the property. If this is the case then please don’t worry, we’ll provide information on the most cost efficient actions to take and we will be happy to help with any advice on improvements that can be made. 


We aim to do all we can to make the process of arranging your EPC as smooth as possible. We start by offering a competitive price and can even offer discounts for multiple orders.


When arranging the assessment, we always try to be as flexible as possible, it might be that the property is empty and we need to meet you there, or access may need to be made via your agent or tenant. Whatever your access requirements are we will accommodate at no extra cost and we will provide confirmation of any bookings made with your tenants or agent. 

Payment can be made online via invoice or by cash or cheque on the day if possible. Once your assessment has been completed and payment has been received, the certificate will be online the same day. 


Please note that as mentioned on our ‘about us’ page, we can only include certain features on the certificate when there’s visible proof or documentation. Therefore, if perhaps we might not be able to see insulation in the loft, or where the cavity walls have been filled, please do let us know at the time of booking. 


Ultimately our service starts at hello and ends with a certificate that meets the government standards.

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